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Regular updates of the campaign trail for #Election2024


Campaign Trail | News updates


DAY 18

CONSERVATIVES: Douglas Ross announces his resignation as Scottish Conservatives leader; the move comes after he chored his pal's seat whilst he was in a hospital bed and everyone was obviously furious; Ross may also avoid investigation into expenses scandal at Holyrood.

DAY 17

Stephen Flynn claims the Tories are "becoming climate deniers like Nigel Farage"; Flynn "came out on top" on Friday's debate on the BBC (Guardian)

DAY 16

REFORM: Reform UK received more than £120,000 worth of furlough cash during the pandemic - despite prominent party figure Ben Habib arguing for the scheme to be scrapped

DAY 15

Military figures have blasted Rishi Sunak for skipping a major D-Day ceremony to record a TV interview with ITV.


Veterans in Normandy, some as old as 90 years old in wheelchairs who made their way over, criticised the Prime Minister calling the move "disrespectful"


Rishi Sunak has apologised for leaving yesterday's D-Day celebrations early "On reflection, it was a mistake not to stay in France longer"


Labour's Jonathan Ashworth: "In choosing to prioritise his own vanity TV appearances over our veterans, Rishi Sunak has shown what is most important to him"


The French government was told last week that Rishi Sunak wouldn't attend D-Day celebrations at all It's believed that his short visit and early exit was a compromise


Ed Davey claims Rishi Sunak has brought “shame” to the country by leaving the D-Day celebrations early


Labour's John Healey has written to Defence Secretary Grant Shapps asking why Rishi Sunak left yesterday's D-Day commemorations early


After skipping D-Day event, Rishi Sunak is pictured campaigning on a street called 'Veterans Way'

DAY 14

Rishi Sunak has denied he is a "liar" after claiming Labour will cost families £2,000 in tax "It's desperate stuff. Keir Starmer and Labour are obviously very rattled that we've exposed their plans to raise tax on people"; The government’s own statistics watchdog has ruled that many people would have “no way of knowing” the truth about the figure and how it was produced; Hunt and Sunak have repeatedly presented the £2,000 figure as a tax hike, which most people would therefore understand to be an annual rise, but it is actually spread over four years.


Keir Starmer will use the Labour manifesto to pledge to recognise Palestine before the end of any peace process in a move to shore up party’s left-wing support


BBC's Friday election debate guests confirmed:

Penny Mordaunt – Conservative Party

Angela Rayner – Labour Party

Daisy Cooper – Liberal Democrats

Stephen Flynn - Scottish National Party

Carla Denyer – Green Party

Rhun ap Iorwerth – Plaid Cymru

Nigel Farage – Reform UK


RECKLESS ED: Lib Dem leader Ed Davey is done for speeding on the M1.

DAY 13

Someone throws a pint over Nigel Farage campaigning in Clacton.

DAY 12

Scottish leaders clash over oil and gas preservation, Labour’s austerity plans, future EU membership and Douglas Ross’ backing of Truss and Johnson in the STV Leaders Debate.

DAY 11

Keir Starmer has pledged to cut immigration by banning "bad bosses" from hiring overseas workers and training more Brits:

"Read my lips - I will bring immigration numbers down."

SNP’s Flynn responds:

“All so predictable, all so depressing. NHS and wider public services would not function without our essential migrant workforce. Business would not be able to grow without our essential migrant workforce. A race to the right-wing that Scotland's economy simply can't afford.”


The Tories have pledged £1 billion a year to build 100 new GP surgeries.


The Tories have proposed rewriting the Equality Act to make sure sex means "biological sex"

DAY 10

Keir Starmer will unveil the logo for Labour’s new publicly-owned Great British Energy. The company will be funded by a windfall tax on oil and gas giants.

SNP said this will be a “bodyblow” to Scotland’s economy as it risks losing jobs.


The Lib Dems have announced their plan to provide free school meals to all primary school children in England.


Labour has spent nearly 8 times as much as the Conservatives on Google Ads in the last week.


Keir Starmer has allowed Diane Abbott to stand for Labour at the general election.

Abbott has been offered a peerage if she quits.


Keir Starmer met with editors from The Times and Sunday Times last week amid speculation they might endorse Labour for the first time since 2005


The Lib Dems claim that the Conservatives have “effectively legalised littering”

“Fines for littering and fly-tipping are so low that people are being let off scot-free”


DESELECTION: Faiza Shaheen joins an increasing list of Labour members being deselected for candidacy; Shaheen deselected over a series of Tweets she claims Labour said would ‘frustrate’ the campaign; 14 Tweets cited from 2014 onwards (Newsnight); “One of them was about my experiences of islamophobia in the party”


GAP YAH: Rishi Sunak pictured with £700 rucksack in one of Britain’s poorest areas.


STRIKE: Junior doctors in England and Wales will go on strike between 27th June - 2nd July (2 days before the election)


PRIVATE HEALTHCARE: Labour’s Wes Streeting confirms use of the private sector to clear NHS backlogs.


ABBOTT: Diane Abbott might be banned from standing as a Labour candidate despite clearing the disciplinary process. Decision not likely until Thursday 6th (LBC)


STEEP STARMER: Labour leader is seen wearing a £500 hoodie on the campaign trail a day after claiming he's a socialist.


DEBATE: Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer will go head to head on Thursday live on ITV.


L B SCENES: Radio station LBC’s longest-standing presenter, Iain Dale, is putting down the mic to run as a candidate at the Election: ‘I am putting my hat in the ring again to be a candidate at the General Election... I feel I can play a role in restoring trust and honesty in politics.”


PROTEST: Pro-Palestine marchers surround Houses of Parliament (10pm)


HARRY PATTER: Labour are forced to take down a Tik Tok including Harry Potter and Lord Farquard due to copyright issues.


ABBOTT TIME: Diane Abbott has been readmitted as an MP to the Parliamentary Group of the Labour Party after disciplinary process into comments about 'Jews, Irish and Travellers' experiencing different kinds of prejudice to black people.


RAYNER: Deputy Leader of the Labour Party informed she will not be invesitagted by the police regarding tax affairs to the sale of her council house.


TACTICALLY INEPT: Owen Thompson's plea for tactical votes is met with rejection by X users:

...only to be met with the following community note:


DIVING RIGHT IN: Liberal Democrats leader, Ed Davey, has 'ed a shocker campaigning in the Lake District; Butter taes was filmed falling into the sewage-ridden English water this morning:



REEVES: Labour is the ‘party for business’; Reeves wants to lead  the most “pro-business treasury our country has ever seen”; Labour pledges not to increase corporation tax; 121 business figures, including Wikipedia founder, signed a letter endorsing Labour’s economic plans



SWINNEY: ‘The people of Palestine have suffered enough. Each of us has a duty to do whatever we can to bring about a fair and lasting peace.’; Swinney writes to Sunak and Starmer to ‘urge you both to do the right thing and pledge to immediately recognise Palestine as a state in its own right.’


BACKWARDS THINKING: Sunak makes a campaign speech with his back turned to the camera:


CONSERVATIVES: Late night social media post announces promise to increase personal allowance for pensioners by 2.5% and vows never to tax pensioners.


@InnesBurns on X: "News outlets that interview Nigel Farage and plaster content with him over social media are complicit in his agenda. There is no reasonable justification for his publicity.

@BBCNews @SkyNews @LBC"




STARMER: ‘I’m a socialst’; Starmer defends rowing back on 2020 pledges as the responsible thing to do; ‘There’s just no money’; ‘I’ll always put country first, party second.’; Starmer refuses to answer why he won’t increase taxes on the richest 5%


STARMER: ‘I know there are countless people who haven't decided how they'll vote in this election. They're fed up with the failure, chaos and division of the Tories, but they still have questions about us: has Labour changed enough?

"Do I trust them with my money, our borders, our security? My answer is yes, you can, because I have changed this party permanently.


SUNAK: The country needs ‘bold action, not waffle.’; Labour has no plan.


LIBERAL DEMOCRATS: Ed Davey campaigns in Scotland; Vows dentistry at the heart of their flagship policy; Parts of the UK are ‘dental deserts.’


SUNAK: Video footage of Sunak playing football with kids on the campaign trail; If his campaign is to be anything like his first touch then we could be in for some comedy; Lee Johnson vibes.




CONSCRIPTION: Tories announce plan to require 18-year-olds to take part in a form of national service; Sunak: the scheme would promote a “shared sense of purpose among our young people and a renewed sense of pride in our country”; Legislation would compel people by law to either complete 12 months of community service or enrol in a year-long military training scheme when Brits turn 18. Community volunteering would include organisations such as the NHS, fire service, ambulance, search and rescue.



@InnesBurns on X: ‘Nothing says free market capitalism like the state forcing youngsters to work weekends without any financial reward.’



‘LABOUR’ PARTY?: Anas Sawar accused of hypocrisy saying Labour will stick up for worker’s rights after it was revealed his family’s wholesale business do not pay the living wage; 7 years of wages as low as £8.95 p/h (Indeed experiences) was only addressed last month.


RAFAH ATTACK: UK politicians quick to condemn Israel's bombardment in Rafah... even if it did mean a quick copy + paste.




SNP: John Swinney says party goal is to end austerity caused by Conservative governments and Brexit



OPPOSITION: Conservatives keep up attack on the SNP’s ‘obsession’ with independence; Labour vows ‘change’; Greens say Scotland cannot afford another generation of oil and gas extraction; Liberals want better healthcare access.


DEBATES: Labour demand SNP are left out of televised debates; Sunak challenges Starmer to weekly live debates, Starmer laughs this off; Greens remain absent from BBC coverage.


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