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Love > Anger.

Well nae doubt, the last 24 hours in Moray have been “eventful” for us loons and quines, to understate it completely.

So simple question to start us off here, what’s more important… child poverty or a children’s book reading in a local library?

Last night, we found out that Moray has the highest percentage of child poverty in the entire north of Scotland.

Surely that would get a quick remark from our local MP, Tory leader and part-time whistle-blower Douglas Ross?

Not even a whisper.

Instead, there’s been a lot of horrible abuse directed at local drag queen Miss Lossie Mouth (like the place where the jet planes are based for the RAF).

This comes after the cooncil announced an age-appropriate children’s book reading at Elgin Library.

The abuse was horrible, it came from all the right-wing trolls you can imagine, I reached out to Miss Lossie Mouth to give her my support as a local leader after seeing some of the vile hate (which has to be said, seems to mostly be coming from people living nowhere near Elgin…)

It's led to the Moray Council's social media comments being disabled on their event announcement, it was that bad.

Instead of commenting on the child poverty numbers, or even condemning some of the abuse… Mr Ross MP decided to write to Moray Council’s Chief Exec calling the event “totally inappropriate”, stoking his right-wing troll hate.

When I saw that, I was horrified. So, I spoke out about it, condemning his actions and pointing out there had been nothing from him on the child poverty stats in his local area. My local party has also called out the comments, and even tagged the Moray Tories asking the same question: do they think a children’s book reading is more important than child poverty?

Some of the hate I’ve received since has been nasty, but I am not going to back down here. I quote him all the time (sorry Innes), but it’s just like the late great Jack Layton said in his final message to Canadians:

“Love is better than anger.”

Mine is the politics of love, Douglas Ross can have the politics of anger if he wants.


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