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Tick tock Tories.

If our ancestors who fought and died in past wars knew how the government of our country is treating those fleeing conflict and persecution, they would be turning.

During the Second World War, the United Kingdom fought against tyranny in the form of the Nazi regime.

My gran served at RAF Lossiemouth during the war, just up the road from where I live now

in Elgin.

Fast forward to 2023 in the UK, we have a Conservative Government who themselves

identifies criminal gangs as the problem they want to solve, to “stop the boats”

So is their solution to directly clamp down and stop these gangs from people smuggling?


They want to send the victims that these gangs target on a plane to Rwanda.

Instead of arresting those at the route of human trafficking; they’re sending vulnerable,

displaced people to a country that saw one of the worst genocides since the Second World


This cruel government was then told that they could not do this as it would breach international law by the European Court of Human Rights, a Court which was the vision of a former Tory Prime Minister in the name of Winston Churchill.

Did they realise then that what they were doing was morally wrong?


They took it to the UK’s Supreme Court, who have now told them the same thing

I honestly do not believe that Conservative figures of days gone past would recognise their

party. Just like those who have fought in the name of our country to defeat the Nazi regime,

they would be ashamed.

If this Government wanted to see criminal gangs stopped, we would be seeing

decisive action to do so in cooperation with our European neighbours.

But it’s not.

And these policies are at the heart of the problem - the politics of division, to make an enemy out of asylum seekers, instead of treating people in a vulnerable position with care and compassion.

If Mr Sunak and Mr Cleverly think that these policies are going to somehow change the public perception of this dying government, they only need to look at any opinion polling from any provider (tory-kind or otherwise) to see that their plan is not working.

They would see that the people of the UK are compassionate, and they see through the

division, they are trying to cause for the sake of votes.

And in Scotland, Douglas Ross, and the Scottish Conservatives ought to take note too.

After all, we do have a General Election coming…


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