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Time to reinvent the wheel on gender.

Untribal Politics has been heavy vocal about its support for trans rights.

This isny grounded in anyhin else other than sticking up for people’s rights more generally. If our mission is to give folk a voice fae all corners of society it would be a bit wild to shun one voice, in particular, that’s been neglected for such a long time.

We’re also fully behind women’s rights… but it is fair enough to point out some concerns about how the two could potentially clash. There’s no easy option to overcome these concerns either.

Please bear in mind this is a cisgender male behind the screen typing this… and I encourage keeping that in mind. That’s sound.

No in the sense of putting down anyhin a say because I’ll never truly understand the concerns of either corner here… that’s absolutely true, but it’s a pressing issue and it would be daft to shut out half the population’s brain power on trying tae sort it.

I encourage it because it’s where my argument actually begins.

As a male, someone that’s no had any issue wi gender or that from kick-off, I’ll never properly understand the struggles that women and trans folk go through just to live life on an even playing field. I’ve no a scoobie.

Yer probably hinkin right weird place to start but bear wi me.

Cos ats where the conversation is heading eh. It’s people that have never had a problem in their own skin gawn ‘och goan stop all this madness’ (I didn’t pluck that quote out my reer either, that was actually fae a journo on Sky News last week).

That statement is bizarre to me. That’s just ignorance. You canny shrug off a monumental movement of people that finally have the platform to come out and be themsels as sout that’s just a daft phase.

I also hink it's daft to pure ridicule people for putting one foot wrong wi someone’s gender when we’re talkin about it. We’ve had centuries of ‘man’ and ‘woman’… this is all relatively new. We need to stop the screwin yer face up, judgemental patter when someone makes a mistake. If we can only talk the issue out like we’re creepin aboot a bedroom tryin no to wake someone up then we’re humped in terms of gaining actual progress.

Wi that in mind but, it’s a touchy subject for a reason.

I can only speak from experience wi trying to relate to it… I’m a sufferer of ME and had a honkin few years trying to figure out what was wrong wi me never mind even getting diagnosed.

I was so uncomfortable in my own body. I went through wild spells of illness not knowing where it was coming fae. I was in a constant state of analysis on hings like what physical pain a hud, how I was feeling at the time, and what might’ve triggered it. I felt like I was losing the plot.

Playing into that was years of misdiagnosis. Doctor after doctor telling me ‘it's maybe aw in your heid,’ or ‘there's noubt wrong wi you.’ One doctor telt me I’ve probably got tonsilitis just cos of the number of times I wis pullin at their lug about sore throats. I was on a hospital bed about to get my tonsils ripped oot until a doctor stopped the operation havin properly examined me. The seemingly never-ending search for answers went on. It was chaos… or it certainly felt that way in my head.

The only way a can even begin to relate to the struggle people go through wi gender dysphoria is that state of mind when yer feeling something and folk are telling you ‘stop being daft.’ We’ve finally started lookin after people’s mental health, gonnae no go backwards and start shunning how people are feeling. If we’re talkin about dangers to society, doesny get much worse than that line ae thinking.

And that’s another hing, this isny a few people havin a tantrum. Are you tryin tae say that the millions of people across the world that say in their hearts that they feel a certain way are just talkin sh*te? Aye, we’ll never understand it but let's not put some folk ahead of others for the sake of convenience. The ‘it's always been this way’ argument is an absolute joke to me. Wonder if the same folk would say that if a Mandela or a Pankhurst were at their dinner table, talkin about aw these folk being a nuisance.

Dinny get me wrong, the argument for women’s rights isny a convenience claim… far from it & this isny what I’m referring to. Aw I’m saying here is those folk that are gawn ‘goan stop the madness’ need to have a word. Millions of people are goin through mental toil on this issue… imagine someone shunned you like that about anxieties you had about yourself. Imagine asking agoraphobia-ridden Sheila Jackson fae ‘Shameless’ to stop being a raj and just go outside. Imagine givin Richard Keys and Andy Gray a slap in the wrist for their comments about women for the sake ae entertainment they gee people commentating on the fitbaw.

We’re talking about people’s right to well-being. So in that spirit, we pay absolute respect to the voice of trans people and their calls for equality.

And that’s aw fine and well… but folk will be reading this hinkin right what’s your take then? What do you do about aw the problems that come wi it? Like how we divvy up competitive sport, the dangers of mixed prisons or male perverts goin intae women’s toilets wi out a fuss.

Well, what are the facts? First off, gender doesny exist outside human beings referring to it. It’s something we’ve used to refer to different types of how bodies are made up. The ones wi a dobber, we’ve called ‘men.’ The ones wi jubilees oan their chist we’ve called ‘women.’

This is something humans have taught oursels but. There is nothing inherent that makes you what most folk call a ‘man’ and a ‘woman.’ If you strip the conversation back, we’re all human beings with different organs and emotions. We’re no from different planets or that. 98.5% of our DNA is identical.

And they’re terms that have been manipulated to suit men throughout history. It’s fed into a system of inequality. Decades ago, it was things like the ability to vote. Over time it’s been about what role certain people should have in society. And even now we have women who are paid less in some work sectors and suffer from prejudices, discrimination, and misogyny (to name only a few things). It’s been a tiresome, uphill battle for women to combat it all.

And it’s the blue/pink divide, reinforcing how certain humans should be, that allows this kindae behaviour.

Folk might say aye well that’s ‘gender,’ but there are obviously differences in ‘sex.’ Our biological make-up is different. Our expression of chromosomes varies, along wi our reproductive system and hormones.

While this is true, again, the word ‘sex’ is something humans have come up wi to describe different types of people. Aye, that might be handy for working out biology n that, but the way we understand it is to create a divide between different types of people… all supplemented by this idea of ‘gender’ that has ruined society for so many.

Now, imagine a world where we’re aw just human beings. You could say aye, I’ve got chromosomes ‘M’. But there wis no strings attached to that statement. That didny then mean aye I’ve got a blue painted bedroom, wi an action man, and a like the fitbaw and am entitled to better pay and more senior positions at work. A world where there wis no stigmas or different rules for two folk wi ‘M’ chromosomes havin sex wi each other. Or a world where a group of folk wi ‘M’ chromosomes tell folk wi ‘F’ chromosomes to get back to the kitchen where they belong and do the dishes, laughing aw the while. All that nonsense comes from the system we’ve created for ourselves that is based on people with certain bodily make-ups being expected to act in a certain way.

So to get rid of that system, or even try to make strides away from it, would be to leave a world of stigmas, misogyny, inequality, paranoia and confusion about things like sexuality and how people identify wi certain perceptions of our society. It’s no coincidence that being ‘non-binary’ is ever-growing.

Why? Cos it’s the way the world is moving. Our morals evolve. Things become outdated.

Near enough a whole century ago women got the right to vote, now folk are thinkin hud on… why are women even being pigeonholed to act and be a certain way because of this term we brand aw them under? If people adopt the line ‘we’re aw just humans’ when fighting against racial inequality, why not strip it back that way when talking about people’s body makeup anaw. End of the day, we’re aw just humans wi different organs, different skin colours, different sexual desires and so on.

In my head, any steps we make toward that kindae society is a productive one. If we’re to truly achieve equality for women, surely the goal must be to create a society where we see each other as just equal human beings?

The sooner we properly come to terms with the fact gender doesny exist, the better.

A ken this is aw very, ‘aye, in an ideal world’ but. Cos we’ve hud centuries of ‘man’ and ‘woman,’ it's gonna take some time before people snap out ae that frame of mind. We also face challenges in looking after people when transitioning to that kindae society because of the set-up we’ve got the now. Three biggies in that regard are sport, toilets and prisons.

The sport hing for me is a no-brainer. Athletes competing against each other at top-level sport should be categorised by their bodily makeup. That is the only reasonable threshold. It’s physical activity, so the line we draw should surely be based on physicality. This is totally compatible wi a society that doesny see gender.

Admittedly, this deals a snide hand to those who currently identify as transgender in society’s status quo… but to say it affects their basic human rights I think is a stretch. Everyone in this kindae society still has the right to compete, they're just dealt a shanner hand the now. There’s plenty folk that are dealt a shan hand in this world and those that are blessed to be able to compete in competitions like the Olympics have hardly been dealt the shannest of hands.

Every ounce of my being wants to play football. It’s what makes me happy. I’ve no been able to do this for 4 years because of my illness – that in my opinion is also a shan hand. I’m no comparing my hand wi folk that have gone through the mental toil of gender dysphoria… I’m saying despite some folk drawing a short straw like in all facets of life, in physical sports the line we draw should surely be attributed to physical make up. Although that’s no gonnae suit everyone, it’s the only way you’ll get parity.

The issue of toilets and prisons both come under the concern of people with ‘M’ chromosomes entering female-only zones. Single-sex places areny policed, they work out of mutual respect… but there's worries women will feel degraded, threatened or traumatised. Women, like men, have a right to safe space.

You might, for example, get some (male) pervert who saunters intae a women’s toilet and goes naw I’m actually identifying as a woman so I can chill here as I please. In fairness, aside from those getting off fae a hand-washing fetish or sout, if someone can pure pray on someone from outside a cubicle I don’t hink it’s the person’s gender that’s the issue there eh. The problem is the guy thinks it's sound to perv on other folk. Perverts areny just yin gender and sexuality. Either that or the infrastructure of the lavy doesny allow the victim genuine privacy.

Let's be real as well but, men do terrorise women and it’s a problem. If you were to muck everyone in the gether it would be mayhem in a lot ae places… prisons included.

Like any, big ideas need investment. Gender neutrality only works wi political and financial commitment. The question we should be asking is why don’t people feel safe? Why are people scared to walk into a public toilet in case a pervert is waiting there? Why are people not able to feel secure in spaces provided by the state?

If there was a genuine appetite to address these concerns, then maybe we wouldny have such paranoia about opening up to new ways of thinking. We live in constant fear. Give the polis a half-decent pay rise. Build infrastructure that protects people. Clamp down on social media platforms making folk paranoid. Let’s have the conversation and no just kid on we’re serious about it. The argument ‘there are dangerous folk out there so we must cowar into our auld ways’ doesny wash wi me. There’s danger everywhere you go.

Again, a lot of this is ‘in an ideal world,’ but the point is that we shoudlny shy away from new ideas that would transform our society for the better for sake of issues that could be tackled (at least somewhat) by proper investment. Things like the structure of certain buildings shouldny get in the way of gender equality. Are we no meant to be one of the richest countries on the planet?

And this article doesny solve the issue entirely… but it's food for thought. This isny a war between transgender and women’s rights, we’ve created that illusion by ignoring the path we’re taking on things like race and sexuality. And aye, we canny click our fingers and magic a world where we dinny see gender… but creating ease for transgender people to self-identify feels like a natural step towards it.

If we go backwards and bolster this idea of ‘man’ and ‘woman,’ which for as long as anyone can remember has been manipulated to suit men and an uphill battle for women to fight against… could it be that we’re halting natural progression? It’s a whole century after women won over their right to vote and yet we’ve still got gender inequality… that doesny seem natural to me whatsoever.

If our society is constantly strangling women then maybe it’s time to think outside the box.


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