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We stand with Delferrière

@InnesBurns on X: "What’s happened to Allan Delferrière at Hibs gives us a chance to talk about the importance of active bystanders.

What is an active bystander? This is someone that sees or hears something that’s socially unacceptable and takes positive action to report or challenge what they’ve witnessed. They are individuals that don’t simply observe or turn a blind eye to hurtful behaviour, and instead step in to support the victim of abuse.

Crucially, these people play a vital role in addressing persistent and deeply-ingrained attitudes that are harmful in our society. It challenges the culture of silence that perpetuates violence and abuse towards certain people. It helps create a safer and equitable society for everyone, so people can live without fear.

It’s not just standing up to violence and abuse… it’s changing social norms, fostering a culture of respect and shifting focus towards the well-being of your fellow Scot. No matter who that is. It’s about treating others as you would your own by taking action to prevent further harm, deter potential aggressors and provide emotional support to victims.

This isn’t exclusive to racism - this applies in a sexist, homophobic and many other frames - but what’s happened to Delfierre gives us a reminder that Scotland is far from innocent in it’s treatment of ethnic minorities and it’s on us as citizens in this country to take action. Punishment and action taken by our authorities only go so far. We need to stop being reactive and be more proactive.

What does being an active bystander look like?

-Interrupt the behaviour - if someone makes a racist remark, call them out for it.

-Support the target - show your support for the victim of abuse by expressing concern, offering assistance or simply make them feel less isolated.

-Promote inclusivity - encourage diversity in your community and engage in conversations about the impact of your family and friends from abuse of this kind.

-Be a role model and look inwards - personal growth can be just as effective.

-Report the incident.

Sincerely hope you’re okay Allan… these Hibs fans don’t speak for me or any Hibee that I know."


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