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Why SNP?

Why SNP? By Colin Burnett

The painful truth ae Scotland it hus five million voices and yit it seems as if naeboady kin hear us. A land where speakin in oor native language is oaftin viewed as a social disability. A nation ae ‘scroungers’ who’s only meaninful offerin tae the world came through the construction ae a hert stoappin deep fried Mars Bar. At least, that’s how wur viewed by Westminster. Ah mean, these Tories and their like are quick tae hoap oantae a podium tae annoonce that wur ‘’better together’’ or ‘’equal partners’’ when the moment comes fur thum tae pit a rifle in the hands ae Jocks in times ae war. When the opportunity arises tae fight fur a square fit ae sand in some distant foreign land. Aw in the name ae King and capitalism. But make nae mistake aboot it. A Scottish vote in the context ae the wider UK is aboot as valid as Rishi Sunak’s top ten tips oan how tae survive the coast-ae-living crisis. You only need tae consider the Brexit vote in order tae witness first hand that the will ae the people ae oor country is eroded when it fails tae fall intae line wae the agenda ae the British government.

Aw journeys begin wae a first step, of course. And ah fur yin um wholeheartedly convinced that wae John Swinney at the helm. When July 4th arrives, and voters are encouraged tae heid fur the ballot boax. A vote fur the SNP is a vote fur Scotland, and, perhaps, maire importantly. It wid be a statement ae intent that we will regain oor rightful status as an independent nation yince again. A reborn sovereign state free fae Westminster tyranny. Where bein Scottish and proud is a three hundred- and sixty-five-day occurrence rather than jist permitted yin day ae the year oan Burns Night. Ah mean, ah’m no gonnae sit here and pretend that ah’ve been happy wae every SNP policy in recent times. But yin important question which the Scottish electorate needs tae ask thumselves is ‘’Do ah really want a conservative government that’s driven by its desire tae create a society maire divided along class lines than ever before? Or a Labour party who endorses mass genocide in Palestine and who’s leader labelled Thatcher as a visionary? Wid ah no be better wae an SNP led Scotland who hus a proven track record in deliverin positive social change?’’

Critics ae the Scottish government and the independence movement oaftin cite that an independent Scotland is an unknown entity. Yit a free-spirited Scotland stood tall and proud well before The United Kingdom wis even in the womb. But when yae realise the known is a British state where poverty hus become a birthright fur maist. And the explosion ae foodbanks remains yin ae the fastest growin industries. Then surely an independent nation should be identified as a breath ae fresh air.

There comes a time in every nation’s story where you either rise as yin and speak wae a single voice. Failing that, you sit back doon and spend the nixt three hundred years wonderin ‘’What could huv been if only ah dared tae dream beyond a British state that’s governed tae serve the interests ae the powerful and the rich’’. The Act ae Union (1707) may huv marked the strange death ae oor yince free land. But the General Election ae 2024 could be a defining moment where Scotland rises up as yin and a chorus ae Scottish voices fillae hope and dreams announces tae the world that we kin stand alain. The issue remains that some Scots who oppose independence possess the view that oor history as bein a hing ae an irrelevant past. This is why they never gee it a thoat ae makin it in their ain right as an independent nation and so they fail tae confront their ain alienation. A sentiment captured perfectly in sociological theorist Paulo Freire’s memorable quote ‘’ ’The oppressed, having internalized the image of the oppressor and adopted his guidelines, are fearful of freedom’’

You see, it’s in oor DNA tae come up shoart when oor big moment arrives. It’s the price you pey fur bein Scottish in a UK that huds us back fae reachin oor full potential. Bein able tae make oor ain choices and decide the future ae oor land should be a basic right fur aw countries. But if history hus taught us anyhing it’s that rights are never given freely, they’re taken. That’s why ah implore aw Scottish voters come July tae vote SNP as the time hus come fur us tae cut the apron strings ae Westminster and show the world that wur ready tae dream yince maire as a united nation.


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