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What services do we offer?

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Political Commentary

We have a team of dedicated writers, podcasters and social media producers that are solely motivated by the project of returning politics back into its natural form: by regular people, for regular people. 


Advertising slots both through audio clips on the Untribal Podcast and digital promotions on our website are available for purchase.

Marketing Consultancy

Our social media presence has become very popular, particularly with the eye-catching and relatable style with which we operate.


Untribal Politics now offers a wide range of consultancy services to elevate business exposure through online and social media marketing campaigns.

Engaging the Disengaged.

Get a free quote today.


Hire an affordable studio

Want to start your own podcast? Are you lacking the necessary resources to start up a professional platform? 

Studio hire can be expensive... we want to offer an affordable space for start-up podcasters.


We offer all the necessary equipment at a price that doesn't bankrupt newcomers before a recording has even stated.

The Untribal Studio is in Leith, Edinburgh.

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